Founded in 2015 on the initiative of young researchers, the association produces research data to support decision-making and supports citizens’ social participation.

If you are interested in our activities or want to participate in them, please contact us. We’re always open for interesting new projects as well as great team members.

Robert Eklund

Chair of the Board

Consultant engaged with EU innovation projects. Expertise on transatlantic trade and political relations. Former peacekeeper in the Middle-East.

Johanna Ketola

Vice-Chair of the Board

Researcher with expertise on comprehensive security, crisis management, European security architecture, governance and human rights. 

Tuomas Kuronen


Co-Founder. Innovation management and start-up funding professional. Researcher and PhD (organization and leadership studies). 

Ossi Leander

Member of the Board

Co-Founder. Marketing and communications consultant. Former peacekeeper in Afghanistan, Kosovo and EU Battle Groups.


Kaisa-Maria Tölli

Member of the Board

Co-Founder, Founding Chair and Member of the Board. Researcher and PhD with expertise on comprehensive security, crisis management, gender and inclusion. Former peacekeeper in the Middle-East and Kosovo.